German English Exchange 2019

A travel blog on our week in London and Liverpool

Monday 11th March 2019
We met at 6:00am at the train station in Regensburg with our teachers Ms Werkmann and Mr Reisinger. It was so early but we were all in a very good mood and looking forward to one week in the United Kingdom.
At 6:15am we went on our train which took us to the Airport in Munich. We checked in and had half an hour left to take off.
At 10:00am we had our flight to London, at 11:00am English time, we arrived at Heathrow Airport .
We continued our journey on the tube to central London. After all this, we went with all our luggage to our hotel, it was called the Astor Court Hotel and it was quite bear to Oxford Circus - right in the heart of London.
We unpacked our luggage and met again at 3:00pm at the reception. Then we all visited this day all the major sights of London: Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament, Piccadilly Circus, Travalgar Square and so on. We took many nice photos and enjoyed our first day In London very much ! It was so exciting to see all these famous places in reality - we had known them only from our English books.
In the evening, we ate something in a popular fast food restaurant and went tiredly back to our hotel. Everyone went to the rooms and fell asleep after 2 or 3 hours.
It was a great day!

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Tuesday 12th March 2019
Another perfect day in the capital city London! After breakfast in our nice hotel we got on the tube again and we went to the Tower which was a prison and a palace in former times. Next to this huge building there is the world famous Tower Bridge where we took many pictures. Then we had lunch at Camden Market - a beautiful place by the way. In the afternoon we visited the British Museum and we were very impressed by the numerous exhibitions.
At 6:30 p.m. we took the train from Euston Station in London to Liverpool. We were so excited when our host families picked us up from the station in Liverpool.

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Wednesday 13th March 2019
On Wednesday was the first morning with our host families. After the breakfast we went to Range High School in Formby. Before class, we had a 15-minute preparatory lesson to do the organizational things. After this preparatory lesson, we went to the Dining Area to play introductory games with the exchange partners. We got a worksheet with statements and needed to find a person to whom the statements fit. The English students were only allowed to ask the German students and the German students only the English. When we finished this activity, the English students returned to class and the German students and teachers headed to Liverpool for the Albert Dock Museum. There we got a lecture about the life of the slaves on the big cargo ships. After this interesting history workshop, we had time to look at the famous Titanic exhibition. After this long morning we were hungry and ate our packed lunch packages from our host families. In the afternoon we had two and a half hours to go shopping in Liverpool One, a huge shopping mall. It is impressive how many shops there are. Then we took the train back to Formby where we were picked up by the exchange partners and spent the rest of the evening in the host family.

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Thursday 14th March 2019
At 8:30am we met at Formby Station.
Then we took the train to Chester, where a city guide welcomed us in German. Chester is a very nice and typical English old town which had already been founded in Roman Times. The guide showed us the park, from the richest people of Chester, the Grosvenor Park. Afterwards we went to a beautiful cathedral in the gothic style. Later our tour guide led us to a colloseum that was not completely excavated. When we passed an older village, the guide told us how the people there used to live. After the tour we went shopping in the city. As it was a bright sunny day, so we enjoyed our sandwiches on the cathedral green.
In the evening our train arrived back at Formby Station at 4:37pm.

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Friday 15th March 2019
In the morning we met at the entrance of the Range High School Formby. And we attended the first two lessons, a history lesson about Henry VIII and his six wives and a geography lesson. At 11:45 am we left school and traveled by train to Liverpool. In Liverpool we went to the Catholic Cathedral. The quite modern church was built in 1853. Five minutes later we went to the Anglican Cathedral. There we had a guided tour. It was great. After that, we went to Formby beach with our English friends. We had a lot of fun. At the end of the day we couldn`t walk anymore. At last, we went home to our exchange families.

We spent the weekends with our host families and did different kinds of things, such as going shopping, visiting friends, going to the football stadium and so on.

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Monday 16th March 2019
In the morning we accompanied our partners to school. We attended two lessons thers. Then we went by train to Liverpool and visited Saint George Hall with the impressing ancient court rooms. Afterwards we took the bus to Anfield Stadium where we had a fantastic guided tour. For most of us this was the highlight of our week in England.

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Tuesday 19th March 2019
At seven o`clock a.m., we met at Range High School in Formby. We went one hour by coach to the airport in Manchester. The airplane started on time at 10.40 a.m. from the airport in Manchester. We had a flight time of Tuesday 19th of March 2019
one hour and forty minutes. When we arrived in Munich, we went one and a half hours to Regensburg central station by train and were picked up by our parents.

Thanks for the perfect and unforgettable week in London and Liverpool to our cool and friendly teachers Ms Werkmann and Mr Reisinger who always cared for us and proved to be the best travel guides for London and the UK. We can really recommend them to you! Thank you so much!
A big thank you to the English teacher Mr Mackenzie and the headmaster Mr Aldridge from Range High School in Formby who offered us a perfect exchange programme. Thanks a lot!
Last but not least we want to thank our headmaster of Realschule Neutraubling for allowing us generously to travel with a small group of students and to go to London for two days. Thank you Mr Gruber!
Thank you all for making us have the time of our lives.
We are looking forward to having our English friends stay with us in July.
See you soon, guys!

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(Christian Reisinger und Elisabeth Werkmann and the exchange pupils of the 8th form Michelle, Layla, Sarah, Rosalie, Alicia, Steffi, Leonie Johannes, Lucas, Michael, Bernhard, Jonas und Gabriel)